Scar the Martyr Anatomy of Erinyes Lyrics

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On the inside
Black lung, black heart, black blood
On the outside
Black wings, Black stare, black tongue
Swept from the tide
The currents pull with force
A shallow dive
Underwater she...

She guides, shapes, shifts
The cave sucks you in. Sick, sense...
Her vessels dye
Am I alive, while I'm alive...Capsized

Take to the sky
The siren calls at dawn
with eyes of fire
Abysmal home of w____s
Read the last rights
Burn in all that's born
Shine in dark light
Underwater she...

Drag me under the drone
Cut from the cast, comatose
Dare to swim to the coast
Burrow beneath the grave stones
Shrine made of birds, snakes and bones
Rise from the Mausoleum Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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