Fates Warning Anarchy Divine Lyrics

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Enter, young man
Cast your dreams, I'll show you what to feel
Walk but keep the road I've paved
Know of nothing else
I, the one to guide your mind
I breed in stealth

I'm your master, soon you'll see
Shape your world what you'll be
Follow me
Or choose to bleed
Read my book, memorize
Disregard your mind
You may see only through my eyes

Save me someone's come to change me
Mislead, delusions color real
Black and white, they'll never paint me
Never see until you feel

I will keep my own time
What's yours is really mine
I won't let you swallow me
Your doctrines will not shine
Rebellion is your pestilence
I'll never be confined
Forever you shall yield to me
Anarchy divine!

No Exit Track Listing
  • 1 No Exit
  • 2 Anarchy Divine
  • 3 Silent Cries
  • 4 In a Word
  • 5 Shades of Heavenly Death
  • 6 The Ivory Gate of Dreams: I. Innocence - II. Cold Daze - III. Daylight Dreamers - IV. Quietus - V. Ivory Tower - VI. Whispers on the Wind - VII. Acquiescence - VIII. Retrospect

  • Written by: Aresti Matheos

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