Melissa Etheridge An Unexpected Rain Lyrics

First time I saw you back in 1982
An LA bar I've come so far in my Kansas dancing shoes
I am just a singer and I'm looking for a song
Do you want to sing along

Two greyhounds later and I'm feeling alright
I've got to have you and it must be tonight
Come on back to my place well it's really just a room
But I'll be making some money soon

Goodbye and thank you oh my number yes please phone
Two or three weekends on the 405 alone
You say come on and stay
And when you sing down at the bar
It will not be so far

And I tried to do my best
I never meant to hurt no one

I was wating for my break
I knew one day would come
And I'd plug in my guitar and look out across the room
And I'd dig into my heart and try to sing the truth

And I know I did my best
I never meant to hurt no one

As I reall back in 1982
I never said goodbye or why I just left a note for you
Then one nighyt I saw you
Across the road across the dark
A shameful spear into my heart

Your look was haunting an unexpected pain
I am sorry for the unexpected rain
The sadness that you kissed
The fresh scars on your wrist
I can't make it go away

Goodnight ladies
I'm gonna leave you now

Written by: Melissa Etheridge

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