Hanson An Evening At The Big Top Lyrics

An evening at the big top Candy Corn and gum drops
Main event, a spectacle of frivolry, insanity
Stay close to mother Scream to your Daddy
Pray that the acrobats come home alive
Rings go Around and Around

Did you see the fire breather Going up in Flames?
Did you see the Juggler Throwing up his blades?
Did you see the lionLiving in his chains?
Isnt it a shame, that he wasnt tamed?

To catch a glimpse of elephants To see the pan-parade, a serenade
It could change the sunset, the way youre looking at your life
What to tell the ones you love and when its right
The circus might, All in one night.

Little girls and boys Better do your chores
Learn to tie your shoes Or circus lifes not for you.

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