Southern Tenant Folk Union An Duil Lyrics

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Looking at the open wound and all I see
Is straight lines.
A move in his eye move all.

Is a big world, a tiny town
And my door is unknown to you.
I adorn catch your waist at time.
Before I could breathe
I knew much more than I know today.
Born to confusion, we lose more than we need to get by.

Seven ones, we share the wine if there’s no mind,
Time is down.
The life seems to linger to the low.
And here goes another day with people passing each other by
And no kids to look beyond.
And no one who knew
How we build a big place, big pools and big caves
Born to confusion,
We love our own lives, don’t see among all.

Our lives move in many ways and all we do is pay them down.
And no view with what’s beyond.
My field is so anon, I can’t leave, fell my lives behind.
Soon I’ll be on, turning god.
Or death came to call
For foods and big guys and old house and big walls.
Born to confusion
We know the love is all we need to get by.

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