Ransom Amsterdamn (Freestyle) Lyrics

Like mike vic went to prison for my dogs
Came back to the miggles just to make a couple yards
Front your face in my garage, see the hating your facade
Life is a gamble so you gotta face the odds
If you moving in my city then you gotta break them all
Fuck duckin dt’s ,all I do is shake em pff
I’m Troy Yankme when I ball, and this sniff I’m in a hole
So I gotta make it moan
These niggas looking at me sideways, cause I’m tryina do it my way
I got some niggas that would do whatever I say, make a movie out you
While you pulling out your driveway
Steven Spielberg, when it come to real words,
On a crash course, to that money and we will merge
Come together like me and my side bitch
Henry 6 in my glass, you talking that fly shit boy
We docking boats in aruba, champagne in my glass
Say a toast for my shooters, had the host of my ruger
Scratching itchy finger, it’s even harder with a couple niggas out to get ya
They want me on the stretcher, got the 40 on the dresser
In case the boy cold, make a diamond out opress you
Fuck you and who you next, I’m tryina make it to the top
Nothing more, nothing lesser
That’s duffle, first down to his cap muscles
Pierre pour on the pockets when I past rush you
I found dinner food for thought for you clown niggas
Miguel Guererro nigga, I’m the triple crown winner
Got the looks, got the skills and the town nigga
Miguel Guererro yeah, I’m the triple crown winner.

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