Turk Amped Up Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Step in the club with my air force ones
In the back of my bub, I got air force dones
Full of that red, white, and blue I'm amped up
Fake buckin if you want, you gone get stamped up
You gone get these ten in a halves all in yo face
We gone take it outside and you gone be a case
You gettin ya grace won't live another day
I take this time to fault, time to shoot off your way
ain't worried bout the charge cause I got the dream team
Money, power, respect lil ***** feel me
I'm a soldier 5'11 from magnolia
Look, don't talk I'll show ya
You with yo boys look I'm by myself
You talkin noise look that's bad for your health
Look, that's no good, can't do from the hood
We don't roll like that
Homie out of order, homie get it crackin

You full of that red, white, and blue and you amped up
Homie buckin if he want, Homie get stamped up
You full of that absolut you amped up
Homie buckin if he want, Homie get stamped up
If you full of that henny and you amped up
Homie buckin if he want, Homie get stamped up
You done had one too many and you amped up
Homie buckin if he want, Homie get stamped up

[Verse 2]
I tote gats, got stacks, stay in all black
Hope that you that I'm quick to bust back
Sell crack, flip that, sometimes I jack
Real *****z I run with dog *****es I smack
Dog hoes, wear bauds, tee's and ree's
Do shows, blow joe's, weed indeed
Hit dro's, spit flow, represent that three
Break bread, ***** no, gets nothin from me
Fucc with Annie, off Second indeed
Bout my fatty, nicca cheese and cream
**** my daddy, he did nothing for me
Just bought a caddy, put it on 23's
I'm a stunna, a repper, look I'm ballin *****
Secondline hot stepper, shot calling *****
On fire like pepper just lovin the ****
Out of line, I'ma check ya, straight punish ya *****
I ain't stuntin out for real, I'm quick to kill
I ain't fuccin on the real, I'm slanging that steal
Nicca trip get flipped, when they fuccin with turk
Spend a ben in the whip, leave ya **** in the dirt

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Look **** don't stop at all, I'm still stuntin
I know you gone let me ball and get money
Long as I got it, I'ma floss, ***** respect
You want to know how much my diamonds cost, then forget it
Kenoe, that's my ***** that's my nagga
Drop the load on me, and I'm back shining
Doing it, I'm doing it real big
You thought I was gone let it all go ***** ****
I'm ready for How I'm Living, come pay me a visit
My house half a mill, all my cars kitted
Black bent, black jag, black H2
Black coat, with a 750 suzuke
My life lovely, beautiful, marvelous
*****z wishin they was in these 10 and halves but
***** get you like I got me
Homie **** a handout, Homie hustle if you want eat

[Repeat Chorus]
Raw & Uncut Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Cock Aim Shoot
  • 3 Letter From That World
  • 4 Amped Up
  • 5 Putcharaggsup Remix (feat. B.G. and Kenoe)
  • 6 Keep It Ghetto
  • 7 Penitentairy Chances
  • 8 Dat Look (feat. Bubba Sparxxx)
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  • 11 All I Got in This World (feat. Kenoe & Tooley)
  • 12 What Cha Dranking On (feat. Kenoe & Tooley)
  • 13 Who Put It Together
  • 14 Macking and Pimping (feat. Kenoe)
  • 15 I'm Tired (feat. Kenoe)

  • Written by: Tab Virgil, Craig S Lawson
    Lyrics © Ultra Tunes

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