Eminem feat. Bizarre Amityville Lyrics

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(Kill, kill, kill)
(Kill, kill, kill
(Kill, kill, kill)

Mentally ill from Amityville (I'll)
Accidentally kill your family still
Thinkin' he won't? God-damnit he will (He's)
Mentally ill from Amityville

I get lifted and spin til I'm half-twisted
Feet planted and stand with a grin full of chapped lipstick
Pen full of ink, think sinful and rap sick ****
Shrink pencil me in for my last visit
Drink gin til my chin's full of splashed whiskers
Hash whiskey and ash til I slap *****es
Ask Bizzy, he's been here the past six years
Mash with me you'll get in imagine this

[Chorus: x2]

I ****ed my cousin in his *******, slit my mother's throat
Guess who Slim Shady just signed to Interscope?
My little sister's birthday, she'll remember me
For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity
And *****es know me as a horny-*** freak
Their mother wasn't raped, I ate her ***** while she was 'sleep
Pissy-drunk, throwin up in the urinal (you ****in' homo'!)
That's what I said at my dad's funeral

[Chorus: x2]

That's why the city is filled with a bunch of ****in' idiots still (still)
That's why the first ************ poppin' some **** he gets killed (killed)
That's why we don't call it Detroit, we call it Amityville ('Ville)
You can get capped after just havin' a cavity filled (filled)
That's why we're crowned the murder capital still (still)
This ain't Detroit, this is **********in' Hamburger Hill! (Hill!)
We don't do drive-by's, we park in front of houses and shoot
And when the police come we ****in' shoot it out with them too!
That's the mentality here (here) that's the reality here (here)
Did I just hear somebody say they wanna challenge me here? (huh?)
While I'm holdin' a pistol with this many calibers here? (here??)
Plus some registration that just made this **** valid this year? (year?)
'Cause once I snap I can't be held accountable for my actions
That's when accidents happen,
When a thousand bullets come at your house
And collapse the foundation around you and they found you
And your family in it (Ah!)
God dammit, he meant it when he told you!

[Chorus: x2]

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