Big L American Dream Lyrics

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Crooked corrupted criminal crime boss with cream
cocaine hustler, blowing out the brains of busters
being my mansion, chilling inhalin the ganja smoke
counting mad cream, weighin tons of coke
guarded by thugs and rottweilers
I flood the streets with drugs and clock dollars
niggas get plugged when my glock collers
skunk smokers, philly and aisle ripper
cristal sipper, I've been a willy for awhile nigga
'Gruff got hoes, the man with all the nachos
expensive hot clothes, drop top Rolls
east coast west coast fiends overdose
'Gruff get the cream with my team and I'm ghost

[Murda Mase]
This money be temptin me, to jump out the MPV, empty 3
clips of hollow tips with no sympathy
since 14 I sold morphine for more green
kept open a nautica coat under the draw sting
and watched out for cops, squad cars, and beamerz
and laundry ninas
flea the country to Argentina
laid back in the beach (yeah)
coastin with commuters
smokin the buddahs, on the cruiseline boat to Aruba
for awhile yo, pump the vowel so, I can pile dough
then become a Harlem Kingpin just like Al Po'
get paid so, I can lay low, in San Diego
with yay-o so I can ship it out whenever I say so

Yo! Makin' this money is the American Dream
East Coast to West Coast you know what I mean
Whether its Uptown, Downtown you pick the scene
you gots to get your own scheme
We ain't splitin this cream

[Killa Kam]
Yo! Imma run hestrically, till they bury me, count numerically
hills of Beverly, more grands than cherokee
president like Eric B., and Rakim
Drug game I'm top ten, locked in , right now its not an option
and those who creep, got the Mac in the
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