Mac Dre feat. J Diggs , Sleepdank & Coolio Da Unda Dogg Always Inta Somethin' Lyrics

It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Wolf Intro
  • 2 Have You Eva
  • 3 Bleezies-N-Heem
  • 4 Sex, Drugs, Rap
  • 5 Livin' It
  • 6 So Hard
  • 7 Iz Real
  • 8 Mac Dammit & Friends
  • 9 Always Inta Somethin'
  • 10 Chevs & Fords
  • 11 Take Yo' Panties Off
  • 12 Mac Dre'Vious
  • 13 Hold Off
  • 14 Bonus Track
  • [ VERSE 1: Mac Dre ]
    Back in December, or was it November?
    It's kind of shady, I can vaguely remember
    I was at the Peppermill, popping at the bartender
    He made me a drink called uh, Bodybender
    That's when a smurf pulled on my shirt
    Said (Hey, get off my girl, dog, before you get hurt)
    I said, "Hold on, I don't know what you think
    You better back the fuck up and let me order my drink"
    He backed the fuck up and did more than you think
    He had a AP, not a nine, but it's sort of the same
    So now it's one lonely R-o-m-p
    I'm all by myself without nobody
    Slightly noided, sense death, can I avoid it?
    Somebody slammed the do' on the way comin from the toilet
    He looked back, then I pulled out my strap
    Slapped him it twice but uh, I should've clapped
    Cause this other goon nigga started wildin
    I pulled out my faulty phone and started dialin
    Told my niggas to come on the double
    They finna put a nigga on the gong show, bust his bubble
    He said yeah, he know he comin
    "But damn my nigga, you always into somethin"

    [ VERSE 2: J. Diggs ]
    Recently, June 4th, released from jail
    And 'bout to hit the streets like a beast from hell
    It's that nigga y'all done heard about, young J. Diggs
    Love to play the game and I play big
    I see suckers havin money and I gots to have some
    You in the double R, I gots to have one
    I'm all up in his backdo' like knock-knock-knock
    The nigga moved too fast, so I pop-pop-popped
    Should've stood still, there would be no firing
    But it's a little late, all I'm hearin is sirens
    So now I'm in the wind like leaves on trees
    I'm in the crowd tryin to blend like d's on v's
    I'm sweatin bullets, I'm an ex-con out on parole
    What the fuck was I thinkin, I'm out of control
    I'm at the Romp House and I'm huffin and puffin
    My niggas lookin at me crazy cause I'm always into somethin

    [ VERSE 3: Sleep Dank ]
    Yo, we fuck with heavy guns, fuck around and pump heavy slugs
    We drinkin Rémy doin heavy drugs
    Nigga, we stay explosive, it's about a quarter to six
    Step out the limousine, my wallet's 'bout a quarter inch thick
    Nigga, we shittin on em, I pop the three-piece, savage
    So many carats up in my ice I could choke a rabbit
    Bitches screamin for me but all it took was one dirty look
    We hit that nigga with that murder book
    Nigga tried to step fast, hit him in the face with a Moët glass
    Spilled drink on his bitch, the whole club hit the do' fast
    Trunks is poppin, niggas wingin in the parking lot
    We keep it gangsta with them choppers out
    S-l double, I smell trouble, boy, it's nothin
    Keep your peace, muthafucka, I'm always into somethin

    [ VERSE 4: Da' Unda' Dogg ]
    Let me tell you somethin 'bout a nigga like me
    Never should've been let out the penitentiary
    Cause niggas done switched up, I guess they got it mixed up
    Now I'ma dust the heater off my shelf and leave em bitched up
    Like this one nigga actin like a dumb nigga
    S-in on his chest with no vest, yeah, he a dumb nigga
    Ain't no love in this thug shit
    Now he at the club tryin to hug on my thug bitch
    Plus she done gave me the run-down on how this nigga run round
    Town speakin on my name, tonight he get gunned down
    His bitch about to set him out, open the door and let him out
    Caught his ass scared and out, Bronc style, dead him out
    Never have beef with a nigga who bitch you wanna sleep with
    Cowards get devoured on that sweet shit
    Hit him with the venom, then bounce with my adrenaline pumpin
    Yo nigga always up into somethin

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