5 Chinese Brothers Alone Together Lyrics

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Paul Foglino
Are you lonely? Dissatisfied?
Can`t stand your present job, afraid of getting fired
Depressed? Staring at the late night tube
You could call that number but you`d just get someone just like you
Well, I feel that way too
Just the same as you
Like it`s getting worse before it`s getting better
I`ve got troubles of my own
But as long as you`re alone
Stick with me and we`ll be alone together
Beer is warm, dinner`s cold and greasy
Even when life isn`t hard it always seems uneasy
All alone, nobody seems to care
Everybody`s got some place and you don`t fit in anywhere
You wonder, will you always have to live in doubt
Sometimes you feel just like Hank Williams used to sing about
Through the window, the night`s so still
And if you listen you can hear that lonesome whippoorwill

Written by: Paul Foglino
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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