Townes Van Zandt All Your Young Servants Lyrics

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You live on your hill so high and so lonely
You toss out your bread crumbs to those down below
They think you're a king, but, believe me, it's only
Because they're too blind to know

There once was a time when your money had meaning
Your diamonds had glitter, but now it's all gone
It poisoned your laughter and muffled your singing
You can't even see that it's wrong

Your castle is dingy and dirty and dismal
Your carpets are faded, your walls are all gray
There's dust on your silver and cracks in your crystal
All your young servants have drifted away

So go back to your sadness, go back to your sorrow
And I'll make my bed on a hill 'neath the sky
And lay here a-listening till the sun comes tomorrow
Counting the tears that you cry


Written by: John Townes Van Zandt

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