Lil' B All My Life Lyrics

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Long nights, niggers never gave a fuck,
Dirty ass room, no new drugs.
Niggers mad cause I’ve got my way out the system,
I did probation, I did .., I did house arrest
I did 12 steps, I did drug class, I did counseling,
I did every fucking thing that the court ask me to.
I did youth court, I pay restitution,
One man with a plan, now it’s so polluted.
Niggers fell of; I had to bounce back,
Shit changes when the young niggers get on platinum
Used to be a robber, but the gang checked me,
Juvenile life, I .. in thirty years.
In the court room, my momma cried thirty tears.
My whole life in the hands of the fucking jury.
Juvenile felon, didn’t need a weapon,
Rent to the.. so low, people’s houses.
Lord, please forgive me!
I’m already cursed,
Niggers told me .. for the… glamor.
Toasted in the hood, that .. shut gun on me.
Niggers had a… in the …scraper,
See it in the eyes, uh, you…?
Niggers.. that pistol charged, but don’t wanna die,
Side gun to the chest, boys drove of!
Another day in the hood, get you broke off,
When your bitch…
Niggers.. and niggers rob me, but I’m still…
Tiny pants, new rug, but I’m still dogging.
..we stay hustling, ..until my momma’s fucking grave.
I wept the world, our attorneys around the way,
If you ain’t real, then I …
You can see the picture when you’re inside the frame,
And I get it off, this ain’t no fucking game.
A couple dudes doing life and you pay the price,
Three young bro, ..took his life.
You can ask, I’ve never been a plain hater,
Nigger I got fucking pain in my fucking brain.
Many don’t feel, when it’s no fucking game,
I go anywhere, nigger ask my fucking name!
Nigger been solid, since nigger I’m solid,
Nigger funny man when I’m smoking and I’m still shopping.

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