Michael Sweet All I Wanna Do Lyrics

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[Jamie Wollam on drums & Baba Elephante on bass]

When I was a young boy I never did see
The kind of love You've given me
But now that I'm a grown man
I've come to understand
What You're kind of love really means
There's times when I fall short and I make
My mistakes
That's the beauty of it all
You're there to catch me and pick me up
When I fall

Like an eagle flying higher and higher
You have given me the courage
And given me desire

All I wanna do is love You
Wanna love You every day, every hour
Every minute
Can't take my eyes off of You
Got a fire in my heart and
You're the One who lit it

I've been tryin' lately to open my heart
I try to put my pride aside
Sometimes I get angry
But You're still standing right by my side

You make me want to fly higher and higher
You keep giving me the courage
And giving me desire

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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