The Game All I Know Lyrics

All I know is this pain in this life
And this struggle it chose me so
All I know is that I'm stuck on this road
Of success so I got to get mine
All I know is this pain in this life
And this struggle it chose me so
All I know, all I know

Red phantom, they say I look like Josh Smith from Atlanta
I do, ha-choo, excuse you, that ***** look like me
He from the G.A., and I'm M easy, that's Game
I don't do what you *****s do, that's lame
I Soo Woo with my crew from the from the Burque
I Soo Woo with my crew, from under Young Wayne
A walkin' **********in' flame livin' up to my brothers name
Rockin' that red ****, wasn't ****in' with them other gangs
Amongst other things, they wasn't ****in' with me
Ain't your average ************, I'm a **********in' G
I got some **** on my chest that I want to get off
I got some **** for that vest that will knock that bullshit off
Money like Madoff, Kill 'em like Adolf, Roy Halladay
I'll let a ****in' K off, and I don't take a ****ing day off


Cincinnati C hat, Boston B hat, ? them Philadelphia P hats
Believe that, bring it to the hood so you can see that
Dumb *** *****s like Game, where the keys at?
Automatic start, ***** where the trees at?
Red boned ***** like Alisha, where the keys at?
Freeze that, like a ****ing picture
If you ain't a blood I ain't ****ing with ya nah I'm just ****ing with ya
Stay on my hood ****, hop in the bucket with ya
Throw the ski másks on and get to straight ****ing with ya
Ain't that some ****, that bustards sick
You wanna know how I'm livin' ***** ask your *****
Told you precisely how to ask and sit, and she a nasty *****
I came in her mouth ask her lips, you know why?
'Cause I had to go past them lips, trick
You probably paid for that *** and **** for


**** with the blood clot, smile for my mug shot
Can't go out like 'em but I love Big, I love Pac
Love Fab, love Kiss that's where the love stops
'Casue I sleep with the enemy and I hug blocks
Birthed me in the drug spot, ***** with a attitude
Searching me is **** cops, ***** pay your gratitude
Before you say I'm acting Ruth
Understand I'm tryna feed my people
Hati just like Compton the way I'm packing food
But I will act a fool, put cheese on your head
************ I will Green Bay Packer you
Have a whole football team of *****s after you
Like the public turn, when will you ****ing learn
Now take your *** back to school
Wait till three o'clock click clack at you
And **** with your conscience like back packers do
And I ain't Talib, Black Though or Mos Def
But I've seen the most deaths and ***** I'm just telling you

[Repeat: x5]
All I know

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