Killer Mike All Gold Everything (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Hey, Adam’s here a game spitter
That’s right!
West Side, broke hoe, push her appetite, blind nigga
Do it for the money and the fame, nigga
Just know the devil one and the same, nigga!
Work the… bruise game, nigga
You ain’t for me and then you’re probably a lame nigga
And your ears, what your ears, no shame, nigga
Got away, game … change nigga
You ain’t got it and you better win the chain, nigga
And we want it, all gone, everything, nigga!
I’m from West Side Atlanta when niggas handle their…
But I bust a nigga’s watermelon, but the cribs is bananas!
You blame my city is too…
You baby niggas is cute
You think you go through ..and the niggas want you
The nigga with me…
The nigga shooting and looping
I know you hurt, so I am indifferent
But bitch, this your…
And this is snow in the block
Disagreeing or what?
..if I like your bitch,
I might take your, girl
..I catch me a lame
I laid a motherfucker down, all that time
This is out for the break game, catch me a white man
Now I got a new hoe, … my white hand!
..a heart’s game and get now!
What? No matter fucking body was down!
I should go to velvet room and brought me an athlete
I’ll make a rapper one like a God damn track me!
Now … the bitch you may not
You fuck me with some really…
Now… the bitch you may not
You’re fucking with some really…
So if you’re smoking and talking and chocking gas with us
We’re sipping… in the club and you’re talking with us!
Then you… and you fuck it, and you fuck it with us
And you’re fucking with us, you’re fucking hard, fuck up!

Yeah, one time for my nigga
No time for these bitch!
High beats got the Fred new balance,
But they keep niggas dressing like sissies, like sissies!
Bitch off her man
Leave that convert Polo two!
I don’t give a fuck about no Loubotin shoe,
But I got twenty thousands on me, on me!
Red bottom say bitch, I don’t even know what that is
But my other pocket I can buy… work for bitch bitch yeah
Slum nigga appeal, yeah
..who ain’t real, yeah
Run downtown with a pocket full of money
And a nigga ain’t even have a deal, yeah
Run through Atlanta with a pocket full of money
And the pitty don’t need me to deal!

Yeah, snowing in the block, yeah!
Snowing in the block, yeah
We’ll call through, I’ll be tourist, mother fucker…
Yeah, snowing in the block, yeah!
Snowing in the block, yeah
Snowing in the block, yeah
Have I laid down any pussy rapping,
Trying to play around he talk, damn right
Snowing in the block, yeah
Snowing in the block, yeah
West side niggas come through this mother fucking show
The whole damn city wants to fuck, what’s up, what’s up?
Snowing in the block, yeah
Snowing in the block, yeah
You don’t want own none of the Westside street
Y’all pussy know what’s up!

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