Plies All Black Lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
I'm on some other ****
I'm dress in all black
I'm wit my *****s them
And all of us strapped
We on that killing ****
Somebody getting wacked
You know I mean business
When I'm in all black

It ain't no faking *****
You see the gear I'm in
Baby 9 on me
He feeling confident
I feel invisible
I'm on that cup of Hen
Extended clip in dis *****
Is you more than 10
Put on that black tee
Took off that polo man
Try to slide on me
And I'ma spray your ***
And in my back pocket
I keep that black mask
And let him run down
I bet I flip his ***
I'm riding tinted windows
No more clear glass
One thing about me *****
You know I don't flag
I keep one in the head
No time to **** it back
You know I mean business
When I'm in all black

[Chorus: x2]

Heard it's some ***** *****s
Round here who talking stupid
You *****s playing gangsta
Who you think you fooling
You must not know me *****
You did you know I'll pull it
Murk something on site you know I'll ****ing do it
Put stacks on *****s heads
You know ain't nothing to it
I got some young *****s
Who love Jordan's stupid
And for a stack *****
They'll lick your body fluid
For 25 hundred they'll get real stupid
Shoot edges for 30 days
***** with that ****ing Uzi
These *****s terrorize
Until I tell em cool it
Thanks to you **** *****s
You know I keep that toolie
I'm dressed in all balck
Just like a scary movie

[Chorus: x2]

Just had a dream dog
Killed my first rap *****
I hit em wit that yappa
Such a sad picture
I let that yappa go
Hit him wit 5
All head shots
Shoot nothing but missiles
R.I.P dog
Rest in peace ***** *****
I prefer yappas
The bullets get there quicker
I been attracted to em
Ever since I was little
I'm dressed in all black
Just like a ****ing killer

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Alex Martin, Algernod Washington, Bryan Tyson, Ronell Levatte
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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