Paul Colman Trio (PC3) All Around The Lyrics

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Let me tell you something
Nothing beats my lonely girl
For tonight we may be parted
But this candle burns
And the light it shines forever
Out into the night
Crossing every single border
Like a satellite

And even though you're sleeping
You know my heart is beating

I will take you right here with me
All around the world
'Cause in my heart you're always with me
All around, all around the world

And I'm praying for the angels
To guide this jet plane home
You say it's safer now than driving
But I'd rather see the road
And be in charge of my position
And not have so far to fall
So I ask the God of mercy
To let me see my home

And hold the sweetest angel
And be with my own people

Baby every day
While I'm away
Don't you know that
Don't you know that

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