Billy Joel All-American Blues Lyrics

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Yes, I'm just sitting here thinking
That was a good old John Wayne all-American apple pie blues
All I got a cure for what's wrong with this country
Tell the negroes, the Puerto Ricans and the Jews

While I'm sitting here
With those Cary Grant tootie-tootie blues
And I'm sitting here on a ranch
With those ex-president's blues
While I made a mess out in Vietnam
But, uh, I still pay my union dues

Well I'm sitting here
With those all who got the California and the West Virginia blues
Yeah I'm just sitting down here in the farm, hee
With those old luke and beer, Jaden, here, buy him a spooch
Well, I don't mind the cows too much
But the manure gets all over my shoes

Oh, you like that, huh? You like that, huh?
Thanks to Mike Hack for submitting All-American Blues Lyrics.

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