Nappy Roots All 4 You Lyrics

The Pursuit of Nappyness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome to the Show
  • 2 Do It Big
  • 3 Fishbowl
  • 4 Be Alright
  • 5 Infield
  • 6 How I Do
  • 7 The People
  • 8 Ride
  • 9 Live & Die
  • 10 Back Home
  • 11 Know Bout Me
  • 12 Right Place, Right Time
  • 13 Winner Take All
  • 14 Paint a Picture
  • 15 P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappyness)
  • 16 All 4 You
  • We love our fans
    Special feelin' man, when you can talk to your fans
    We answer all our Myspace
    Through my travels, 8ball told me
    He say V pay your dues, and in due time they'll pay you

    [Background Chorus]
    It's all for you
    Chops on the track

    Hello, glad you took time to write
    Still playin' Wooden Leather, that's alright
    Nah nuh-uh we not broke up
    Left Atlantic records, we woke up
    Yeah yeah Skinny's doin' fine
    Florida is special, always have a good time
    Call me, if you want that verse
    We got a show in Chi-town next month on the first
    Ya hur
    Lord thank you for this music, it's all I got

    [Chorus x2]
    Cause it's all for you

    [Cont Big V talking]
    Of course we love Atlanta, you know we love the A
    It's alright, it's alright man Kentucky, Tennessee, taste this beat
    I'm typin' this in for you

    Ya, spit like it ain't no thing
    You held me down from day one
    It's the same old slang
    8th grade rockin' shell toes(?) and fake gold chains
    Freestylin' on the playground, the game don't change
    Just the playas, who made it through the same long days
    On the grind I'm tryin' to get mine in my own way
    Cash before fame, if I maintain
    Through all the good times i had
    Fans I gotta say thanks

    Uh huh, I really need you

    [Chorus x2]

    Shout out to Nikki from Jersey by the way, she thinks I'm the sexy man alive too, imagine that

    So many people happy now that we back
    Nappys on the track and we lovin' this feedback
    Still your verse was cold like Kobe on game night
    I appreciate that love, thanks for spelling my name right
    Sometimes I'm unsure and insecure, then the sight of your face
    Helps me endure
    That's why we go hard when we out on tour
    Be sure to buy the cd when it's out in stores
    Cause what I'm sayin' is
    Uh uh

    Dear fans out in cope cod
    Big sky Montana, to Atlanta out on boulevard
    The hurricane just missed us
    We in Baton Rouge now with kids takin' pictures
    Last night we did Cheyenne
    It was cold, didn't see Yellowstone is was closed
    Well the albums coming soon, matter fact June
    Hit my page, give me your thoughts on the tunes
    and remember

    World Champions

    [Chorus x2]

    Look, straight from my heart to yours
    One love to each and all
    Support good music, this movement gonna reach you all
    Cause Nappy'll come runnin' when the peoples call
    Keep it real, keep it raw, cause we need you all
    I need that love, keep my above all the hatred
    Give me the strength to make it
    This bond is sacred
    In case you ain't know how much we appreciate it
    To each and every one of y'all, this is dedicated

    Written by: George Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore
    Lyrics © GLADYS MUSIC

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