Beth Orton Ali's Waltz Lyrics

Concrete Sky EP Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Concrete Sky
  • 2 Ali's Waltz
  • 3 Bobby Gentry
  • 4 Carmella (Four Tet remix)
  • Right now, it's feels like forever, can't wait
    Right now, it's looks like tomorrow's too late
    To meet those expectations
    Ones that have never unknown

    Right now, it's high not to fall out of place
    You make me wrong, have I fallen from grace?
    What you do for yourself, you expect to someone else
    Well, I heard that love is a verb

    Right now, it seems quite cold-hearted
    But how did my grieving before we parted
    The ground where we lay
    And hope to my heart, you could stay


    Right now, it feels like tomorrow, can't wait
    Right now, it looks like forever's too late
    To meet our expectations
    Ones that were never unknown

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