Alesana Alchemy Sounded Good at the Time Lyrics

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My darling queen,
I lay myself at your feet and I shall stay the hands of fate

Wind cries out,
Heavens boil above voicing discontent to my sins
I have found the way to trick the ferrymen I have deceived the ancient Gods

Cold flesh lends to me its secrets
Each day brings me closer to you
For a price too high
My tragic victory
I shudder at what I have done

Darling queen I lay at your feet
Chills take me as she wakes,
Throat gasps tainted breath I've reclaimed you my stolen bride
Can your soul forgive my crimes of passion? I would not close the casket;
I'm so consumed by your pain faint screams echo through the night...


The pains of death can no longer haunt you as the dawning sky
Brings forth one forsaken thought death can not win for
I dwell in the palace of decay and I shall stay the hands of fate

Night descends, sinews twitch
My pale queen finally stands to taste silent lips now cursed with her love


Written by: Dennis Lee, Dennis Lavell Lee, Patrick Thompson, Patrick M. Thompson, Shawn Milke
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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