Killer Mike feat. OutKast AKshon (Yeah!) Lyrics

Monster Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Monster (intro)
  • 2 Monster
  • 3 AKshon (Yeah!)
  • 4 Rap is Dead
  • 5 Scared Straight
  • 6 All 4 U
  • 7 A.D.I.D.A.S.
  • 8 Creep Show
  • 9 U Know I Love U
  • 10 Home of the Brave
  • 11 L.I.V.E.
  • 12 Blow (Get Down)
  • 13 Sex, Drugs, Rap & Roll
  • 14 Dragon
  • 15 Re-AKshon (remix)
  • 16 [silence]
  • 30 Hand on the Nine, Finger on the Trigger
  • [Intro - Andre 3000]
    Yeah! Killer keeps it honest
    Cause reality is perception with a weak stomach
    Bubbling uneasy like the bowels of hell (Boo!)
    Enough to make a black ghost turn pale
    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    [Verse One]
    This is the name that came to alter the game
    Not like these rappers who spit it the same
    Separate lames from they chain
    My mind don't slack
    I'm totally focused on beating up tracks
    Monstrous music to beat in your 'Lac
    1000 watt amp with woofers in back
    Lean to da left if you burning a sac
    Baby got back and its in Baby Phat
    Pardon me dog 4 chasing the cat
    I'm hittin all kittens meowing like that
    I like the front but I'm loving the back
    I like to bite and I'm hoping she scratch
    Escalate dipping I'm holding the lane
    Mama's a scholar she blowing my brain
    Ain't the the life?
    Snapping Trappin and Rappin Frappin all night
    Lil mama's a plumber she handling pipe
    Ill wit a pill she handle it right
    Like Iverson, the smallest thing on the team
    But the livest one
    Cocked loaded bust like a gun
    y'all better run, one, one!

    [Hook - Big Boi]
    Thump, thump, thump, thump (yeah)
    All in your trunk (yeah)
    Grinding and hustling and getting at mine
    Swerving and token and grippin on pine
    Bump, bump, bump, bump
    All in your trunk
    Woofers and tweeters and speakers and geekers
    Crawl in your bunk

    [Verse Two]
    How we gon' stop (whooa)
    How we gone quit (shitttt!)
    Brand new shoes and socks on the Chevy
    I came through swerving like this (errrrr!)
    Good wit the game, gutter fo' show
    Ducking you lames and obstacles
    Don't get that *** in a hospital
    Wrapped in a cast from head to toe
    This boy he real!
    Racing those candy Sevilles through Dixie Hills
    My car do wheelies they drive on three wheels
    First round pick like Michael Vick
    Quarterback status throw passes at chicks
    Santana Moss When catching the ball
    Get it? Like Moss she catches the ball
    Perfectly tuned my engine don't stall
    And I'm equipped with nitros y'all
    Ready to rip, burn, roar!
    Ready to tear through your city and tour
    Took The Whole World and murdered that ****!
    Caught the beat running and dipped with that *****!
    Later for now I'm hustling hits
    Flipping my words like bricks, trick!

    New, new! That new-new!
    New-new for you-you!
    New-new for you-you!
    That new-new! That new-new!
    New-new for you-you!
    New-new for you-you!

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