Gazette Akai One Piece (English) Lyrics

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I am very selfish. I don't have any rules.
No one gonna blame me. 'Cause I call myself a queen, maybe maybe maybe.
There are many guys who flirt with me.
But I have a favorite man.

This is the first and last love in my life. I'm gonna succeed in it with deceits.
But, but in fact, I am a very unskillful person.

Come to my house, I will make you fall in love with me.
His aroused face is so cute.
The red laced dress is my only thing to boast.
The right bending criminal stands bolt upright and he is just like a dog.
Painful, Dark and I loved you!
Painful, painful, painful, it's so painful!

My mega mega fuck'n?
You have a strict ideal, so you may become aware of my attractivness.
It may be a good time to eat. I wear tobacco smoke on my body and do so egoistically.
I have pretended as a queen but I am just a "female".
Little sweet flirts or his massive chest and eyes will be just a scar and melt melt. I wanna be happy, I wanna be happy.
I was hating myself slowly. People said I was a bad person so I became disgusted with myself very much.

I just leave regrets of my agonizing life.

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