Gazette Akai Kodou (English) Lyrics

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(Red Pulsation - english)

A city, completely dried up
A stray dog having lost interest in love
A group of children coveting their aged skin
Extending a hand of helpless love
The crucifixion of the weak has spoken.

God of death is calling me...
God of death sings the last song!

The person who goes down on their knees in mudlike "an eyes like the dead fish"
Even an unshaped and ugly supplicationcan't prepare something like an oasis in this hell.

"A fish in a sea without water"
"A cannibalistic ant in it's hive"
"The of a doll made of snake leather" there is no oil under the sun that does not burn.

God of death is calling us...
God of death sings the last song
NowThe time shows our demise
There are no voices at the place where we're heading to
The sound of the cold wind and the dusky rain pouring down is lifeless.

To all the other living things
Can this pulsation be heard now as well?
The light of tomorrow is shining down on earth
Don't avert your eyes from this destiny.

The time rings the bell of the end
Even our escape will be corrupted
There I will even forget my breathing
The dark red carpet of my cast off skin
The body will return to the end of the world
The pulsations are predetermined to sleep.
This "body" will, this "blood" will, this "brain" willbecome one single seed
On the morning of rebirth
It may become a beautiful flower.

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