Willie Nelson Ain't Necessarily So Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You can't break your eggs to count your chickens
And you can't break your neck to keep your ducks all in a row
But don't think every chance you take, has to mean a new mistake
It ain't necessarily so
Now depending on the soil and the season
You can plant a seed and you can watch it grow
But you can't have a guarantee because everything that ought to be
Ain't necessarily so

I laugh when I can and I live with the rest
I learned that holding on means letting go
I try to be a friend to the person on my left
They say you just can't be too careful who you know
But that ain't necessarily so

[Verse 2]
I'd like to have more faith in human logic
Basing all the rules on the proof that you can show
But I can't take my guesses back that I based on all those facts
That ain't necessarily so
And every time I follow what I'm feeling
I end up in the same place my heart would have me go
If there's one rule of life I trust, it's everything outside your gut
Ain't necessarily so


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