Z-Ro feat. Lil’ Head Ain't Havin None of That Bullshit Lyrics

Z-Ro Tolerance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Go to War
  • 2 Real Niggaz
  • 3 Creepin'
  • 4 Party
  • 5 I'm a Gangsta
  • 6 Stranger in the Midst
  • 7 Keep Runnin
  • 8 Who Could It Be
  • 9 Jus' a Hoe
  • 10 Ain't Havin None of That Bullshit
  • 11 Shelter in the Storm
  • 12 Time and Again
  • 13 Move Around
  • [Z-Ro]
    I ain't having none of that riff-raff, so act like you know that I ain't friendly
    Treat everybody I come across, like they wanna put something in me
    Like some lead, or if I'm moving weight they might set me up with the FEDs
    But to a boy done shed, I'm one deep trying to get bread
    And I'm one deep when I bust heads, cause I'm not gonna tell on me
    When a snitch be rolling with you, you headed to felony
    I ain't ready to do 85 percent, of nobody's time
    So I keep's it gangsta when I'm boss hogging, and solo when I grind
    A-R 1-5, AK-56 plus one
    It's multiple homicide, if I happen to touch one
    You niggaz gon learn, or you niggaz are gon burn
    It get hotter than lava, when it come down to the dolla
    And I gotta have it, by any means necessary
    Guaranteed to see a million, before the cemetery
    So I keep on watching, and my 4-4 keep on cocking
    If my folks keep on droppin, B-O double P-E-R's keep on boppin I ain't stoppin

    We ain't, having none of that bullshit
    Represent till I die Hiram-Clarke, Mo City my hood bitch
    Get out of dodge, cause we ain't no play thang
    See me and (Lil Head nigga) keeping it gangsta, all day mayn

    [Lil Head]
    In my life I keep it gangsta, all day
    In my life, I could peep a wanksta a mile away
    In my life, I trust me and nobody else
    That's why I walk around with a nine, tucked in my belt
    Don't let the small size fool you, try to play me for weak
    Cause I pull this four pound bar, and blaze at your beat
    You got niggaz I got niggaz, but my niggaz the best
    See my niggaz all my niggaz, is guerillas with techs
    Lil Head the 4"3' giant, respect my name
    In order to live a longer life, you gotta respect the game
    Now listen mayn, I'm trying to tell you some' for your own good
    See I'm the type of nigga, have you bailing out your own hood
    I'm a General a Sergeant, no need to start this
    Rumble in the field with a lion, cause I'm raw bitch
    I'm raw regardless, whether it's four to one
    Cause the pop from the glock, I know it's gonna go through one


    I'm not your kin folk, so I suggest you get out of dodge
    1-25 road raging, ready to get out and squab
    Too many problems in my life, I just can't handle the stress
    Niggaz be trying to kill me, damn near dismantling my vest
    But I can take it, cause I dish it out, you got your gun
    I got my gun and I'm busting, before you get a chance to whoop it out
    A soldier, folding up a motherfucker what he need for me
    Either with a gun or with a fist, anyway it go I'm still gon fold him
    What you thought I was, a fraud a hoe a punk
    Don't make me make you say oh Lord, shut the fuck up
    I handle my bidness, and then I move around in the night
    So much codeine, it feel like I got a pound of the Sprite
    So keep my temper calm, collective and cool
    Cause I might ignite and go off, and leave nothing but your shoes
    To keep my temper calm, collective and cool
    Cause I might ignite and go off, and leave nothing but your shoes


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