Lil' Bow Wow Aim To Kill Lyrics

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Ain't seen a nigga to do it like me
I was doing with Snoop when you were on reset
This shit is too easy to do it for real
Don't do subliminal when I shoot to aim to kill,boy
Young legend in your budget
Stunt niggaz who was looking down at me
And they're down for the car,boy
My momma can't wait for me to get home
It was all night fucking until I came out the road
I play my own shit
You're getting fucked by your accountant
They're countin' your money
Don't know what the total amount is
Get your mind off these hoes and keep your head on your shoulders
Before it's too late and they realize how much they took,boy
I'm a cold ass nigga,I smoke rolls not switches

What do they talk about
Are they talking about me?
Is this arm coming out?
If you still don't cash money you'll be...
And don't you forget it
I got the right to be lazy
I got the right to be copied
20 years in this business and niggaz still can't stop me
A lot of young homies in the game
But they can't do it like I do it
My daughter started growing up
And they are pulling away
I give her a hug and kiss her face
I tell her to be good
To mind her business and stay out of trouble
Go and make daddy proud!Don't waste my alcohol
I spent grip for this shit
Ain't nothing if your homies ain't stuck with you
Shit,they're supposed to be eating too
I rap cause I want to

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