Earthsuit Against the Grain Lyrics

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You want to strangle me then here's my neck you ain't got the strength to flex so fess you wanna get all up in my destiny with naughty words and rules that try to hinder me it's who you are and you dare build a damn on the spiritual real your ruling is appealed i've been sent to the boat to rock it men flood to hell while your hands are in your pocket you separate from the life source and endorse and force secret religious codes like morse constraints why do you seize us just give me Jesus i'll be free in this unruly world nowhere to hide i'm going untied suffocation where's it come from exhalation (fling, sling, throw, toss, heave, hurl, pelt, and dirty) religion you're like boa constriction don't lube the friction spiritual got impeached like nixon anorexic generation x result by default the inner man assault beat to a pulp confined from the river and no limbs for the body prodigals are being forced to eat pigs food when the church has a feast for this starving crew you cannot ever muzzle me from reprimanding what puzzles me the rigid formalities of mankind that choke the hidden man as you proclaim let us make God in our own image and when you're finished you've manipulated my passion i'll come out thrashing the sky turns red as i migraine the head liberty what we need Father please set us free.

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