Hank Williams Jr. After You Lyrics

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So September follows August I don't mind so three and four and five come after two
Will anything mean anything do I care what tomorrow brings
I only wonder what comes after you
After you when someone smiles at me I'll wonder what's the price
After you I'll be suspecious of anything that's nice
I don't know that I'll get over you but if I ever do
I'll never love this much again not after you
[ piano ]
Loving you it was just too good to last forever
So the world could end tomorrow I won't care
After you when someone tells me there's no heaven on this earth
I can say that I know better I've been there
After you when someone smiles...

After You / Pride's Not Hard To Swallow Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 After You
  • 2 Name Dropper
  • 3 I Love You A Thousand Ways
  • 4 One Out Of Three Ain't Bad
  • 5 She Went A Little Bit Farther
  • 6 Pride's Not Hard To Swallow
  • 7 I Can't Cry Back In
  • 8 Country Music-Those Tear Jerking Songs
  • 9 A Picture Of Me (Without You)
  • 10 Knoxville Courthouse Blues
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