Die Happy Africa Lyrics

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(Music: F. Ferber; Lyrics: Marta Jandová)

Africa, a woman
nonne really knows her name Africa, and anyway we drain the juice from her vains She is black And her curls are the theads Of centruries

Higher, she wants higher

Africa, how depp the wells of dark muddy water Africa, how far does she have to go thought floods of infected Green is mixing with red Laying ill on the world`s bed

Higher, she wants higher And the enemy In her bed She is killing Thought her ego
Dirty Flowers Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Alright
  • 2 Stereotype
  • 3 Get Up
  • 4 Africa
  • 5 They Lie
  • 6 Never the Flowers
  • 7 To the Minority
  • 8 Sweet Princess
  • 9 You Said
  • 10 We Cant't Make It
  • 11 Noche Oscura
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