Troy Ave Adorn Lyrics

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This dick can’t wait to touch yo lips
And baby these guys can’t wait to meet yo Jenny
Uh uh baby
Just let it
Let my nut,
Just let my nut get on you
Uh baby
And you gotta go, you got to go
Don’t call me, I’mma call you
Yea baby
Baby these chicks gon always respect ya, lady
Baby this my uh
I don’t never phone check you
Never baby uh uh
But you steady tryna break miles down
With your failing efforts
Oh baby
You just gotta let my phone
Let my phone
Don’t let my phone ignore you
I good, got a very special code
For you not to know
You never know
Know about Latoya
Oh that baby
Oh oh oh, let my nut get on you baby
Oh you better let it, you better let my nut get on
Don’t spill none
Just let my nut get on you baby
You get it all out, you get it all out baby
Uh yea

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