Chase N. Cashe Absurd Freestyle Lyrics

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Ft. Nymlo

Lookin' like the one when I'm on the scenes
Some bad bitches in the club, all wanna leave
And go to the hotel, where I got a suite
Fine blue panoramic view of the beach
All I do is get high, smoke a lot of weed
All I do is get fly, spread a lot of wings
Joel case full of Rollies and a lot of kings
Desert Eagle, color golden, that's a lot of bling
Tiger stripes on the barrel, that's a lot of weight
If you eva try to scrabble, I'mma let it bane
RIP with the shyzzle they gon' spell yo name
On a concrete slag, put you in the grave
Don't play, get wild when I'm on the stage
Tell the bitches get live when they hear my name
Tell the niggas get down when they feel the hate
And my money goin' up at a quicker rate
Get cake, I ain't make the way but now I claim the way
Nobody play the game like I do
Niggas wanna hate the wave but still surf the wave
I hope you drown and die in it too
Nigga, if you say my name, you keep sayn my name
Man, I'm a candyman on these fools
Sharp and a dark sparkin' and walked up (?)
Cause I'm tired of playn with these dudes
And that's absurd

That's absurd
Nigga, that's absurd
Nigga, that's absurd

Lemme tell a lil story bout a nigga from Malia they call Nunloss
You call beef, it ten doo'
Suck the car trick judge Standoe
Aid in, tryna send bowls
Double cups, always sip slow
And we keep a puddin' on a bimboe
She in luv with him but you can hit tho
Tell her dick flow
If it come to switch flow, switch flows
Shit, you won't miss those
And he got big dough so he spend dough
What ya think the nigga on the strip fo'?
Betta get low, like a sitflow
Got a pent on, all Lorenzo's
So official, gettin' tisha
Yeah, that's what it call money
Cause you have his ass with the muthafuckin' hunnids
Comin' thru the hood and a nigga straight stuntin'
Comin' to yo block and you ask who run it
In the kill beach and he ask who done it
Nigga been fly, watch out plummin'
All black low bucka like D-Hunnit
You say you make movies, he ain't seen nuttin'
Cause when you make a movie you see a scene from it

That's absurd
Nigga, that's absurd
Nigga, that's absurd
Nigga, that's absurd
Nigga, that's absurd

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