Charlie Wilson Absolutely Lyrics

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Never ya mind.

Never ya mind.

Thought you were down, but you were hating all along.
All in my business, trying to feel what's going on.
I guess you thought that maybe one day I'd fall off.
But I'm all up in your face, my game goes on and on.

Never ya mind.
If ya can't see me in a while, and ya thinking wow.
You ain't been around with a nigga now.
No question, no doubt.
Still sticking it out, putting it down.

[Chorus: x2]
If you wanna know if I'm bringing in G's.
If you wanna know if I got the honeys.
If you wanna know if I'm still an O.G.

Don't move so fast, cause I got houses on the beach.
I been around the world, so you can't get with me.
So don't be asking me if you don't want to know.
I'll take care of my business, you take care of yours.



[Bridge: x2]

O.G. [Repeat: x8]

[Chorus: x5]

If you wanna know (O.G., O.G.) [Repeat: x5]
Never ya mind!
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  • Written by: Warren Iii Griffin, Nathaniel D Hale, Calvin Broadus
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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