Mel Tillis Above Suspicion Lyrics

Stateside Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Guide Me Home Georgia Moon
  • 2 Stateside
  • 3 Burning Memories
  • 4 Home Is Where the Hurt Is
  • 5 Wine
  • 6 I Love You Drops
  • 7 Mental Revenge
  • 8 Come on and Sing
  • 9 Tormented Heart
  • 10 Buried Alive
  • 11 Above Suspicion
  • 12 Mr. Dropout
  • We're above suspicion both you and I
    They say that I'm a good girl and that I'm a good guy
    We belong to others but the power of love
    Is just too strong for right or wrong even when you're above suspicion
    Above suspicion but that's what happens when you're tied to those who never care

    We're above suspicion someday we'll know
    I couldn't be a good girl I couldn't be a good Joe
    When two hearts beat together then the powers of love
    Is just too strong

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