Velvet Empire About Last Night Lyrics

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Eenie Meenie Minie Mo,
Found my kind won抰 let 慹m go,
If I抦 treated right you know,
I抣l be back for more.

I can feel you undressing me with your eyes,
But I did not mind, I kinda smiled just thinking 慴out where we could be.
I can抰 remember when or where we met,
But how could I forget,
The little things you said to me.

Like every gate will need it抯 key,
And you抮e the one that opened me,
Baby come by anytime?br>
Think about last night,
You know you had me feeling good,
More than anyone should,
And I can抰 wait to get you back, relax because tonight,
I抦 gonna make you feel alright,
So baby, come enjoy the ride,
Cause I am gonna freak you out,
Think about last night.


I can feel the chills running up my spine,
The memory of how you body melted into mine.
I can still taste you on my lips,
Lips so soft that I lost it from moment that we kissed.

Every time I think of us,
I can抰 help but fell rush,
Now I know how love can be?br>

[Refrain: x2]

I was lost adrift at sea,
You came along and rescued me,
Baby won抰 you set me free?br>
[Chorus: x2]

[Refrain: x2]

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