Black Sabbath Anno Mundi Lyrics

Who Cares Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Out of My Mind
  • 2 Zero the Hero
  • 3 Trashed
  • 4 Get Away
  • 5 Slip Away
  • 6 Don't Hold Me Back
  • 7 She Thinks It's a Crime
  • 8 Easy Come, Easy Go
  • 9 Smoke on the Water (live)
    CD 2
  • 1 Holy Water
  • 2 Anno Mundi
  • 3 Let It Down Easy
  • 4 Hole in My Vest
  • 5 Can't Believe You Wanna Leave Me
  • 6 Can I Get a Witness
  • 7 No Laughing in Heaven
  • 8 When a Blind Man Cries (live)
  • 9 Dick Pimple
  • Can you see me, are you near me?
    Can you hear me crying out for life?
    Can you tell me, where's the glory?
    Ride the days and sail the nights
    When it's over you'll find the answer
    Running in the whispering rain
    Anno Mundi? Can you wonder!
    Truth of thunder, life or blame

    Do you see a vision of a perfect place?
    Does it make you laugh, put a smile on your face?
    Do you need a mirror, do you see it well?
    Does the hand of God still toll the bell?
    There are people laughing
    They're all laughing on you
    If only they could see what you're saying is true
    Still generals fighting, making war on the world
    Don't they know, don't they know?
    No, no, no

    The wind in the night blows cold
    Your eyes are burning
    As the sands of our time grow old
    Anno mundi

    Do you follow the path that so many tread?
    Are you among the blind so easily lead?
    Do you join the war, do you fight for the cause?
    Depend on another to fight it alone


    Can you see me now, can you hear me now?
    Can you tell me, where's the glory?
    Ride the days and sail the nights
    When it's over, you'll find the answer
    Runnin' in the rain

    There's a hope that's growing and a vision too
    All those angry hearts now reach out for you
    Do you look to the dawn, see a new day begun?
    No longer the fool, the vision is done

    Written by: Anthony Philip Harford, Cozy Powell, Geoffrey Nicholls, Neil Murray, Tony Iommi
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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