Barbra Streisand All That I Want Lyrics

My Name Is Barbra, Two… Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 He Touched Me
  • 2 The Shadow of Your Smile
  • 3 Quiet Night
  • 4 I Got Plenty of Nothin'
  • 5 How Much of the Dream Comes True
  • 6 Second Hand Rose
  • 7 The Kind of Man a Woman Needs
  • 8 All That I Want
  • 9 Where's That Rainbow?
  • 10 No More Songs for Me
  • 11 Medley: Second Hand Rose / Give Me the Simple Life / I Got Plenty of Nothin' / Brother Can You Spare a Dime? / Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out / Second Hand Rose / The Best Things in Life Are Free
  • I want a gown of diamonds
    Long gloves and sweet perfumes
    Hats made of silks and satins
    Seaqueens and ostrich plums
    I want to wear mascara
    Polish my nails real bright
    I want to be an actress
    Actresses play all night
    If I should sneeze it’s a sign
    All that I want to will be mine
    Oh please, pretty, please
    Dear nose make me sneeze
    I want to find my true love
    Like all the love songs say
    I want to do what I want
    I want to get my way
    Wild dreams grow wise
    When sweet childhood flies
    Time waved a hand
    And the breeze blue the sand from my eyes
    I want a gown of kingdom
    Diamonds would weigh me down
    Pompoms and plums are pretty
    If you’re a circus clown
    Funny how black mascara
    Streaks when the tears begin
    Nail polish, rouge and powder
    Can’t paint the sparkle in
    Once I was slaved to a sneeze
    Now sneezing is just a disease
    A rose is a rose
    And a nose just a nose
    True love’s a phrase for love songs
    Real love’s a leaving thing
    I want the love worth living
    I want the things I sing
    I want the love worth living
    I want the things I sing Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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