Julie Elias A Wild Rose Lyrics

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Secretly keeping my heartache inside, a smile is a mask that I wear
The world’s unforgiving, the story’s been told
Waiting seems so unfair
Hiding my own dreams, I try to fit in
To the swaying, the beat of their dance
Softly I whisper alone in my prayers
For courage to be who I am
Someday your heart will understand
Someday your beauty made new again
While you lie sleeping alone in the night beneath the wind-driven snow
Hope springs eternal, the birth of new life, the bloom, a wild rose
Seasons bring changes, the day loses light, and darkness it comes and it goes
Splendid and perfect, eternally bright, God planted each wild rose
The flower may fade but the seed still remains, still lingers the sweetest perfume
Wilted and tired, time wears you down
But heaven’s breath inspires the bloom
Remember your heart will understand
Remember your beauty will never end

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