Dark Moor A Truth Of Me Lyrics

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My sorrow is like
leaves flying in the air
when the wind strikes
blowing everywhere
and i can't stay living in this tearful valley
so i just pray for having all the force
to be a stream leading its course
flowing up to its source

[Bridge I:]
But my love is for the only light
but my heart goes on standing right

If I could flee
from my sorry thoughts
like the rivers running slope down at last to be free
When i see
lovers who can dream
with sweet fancies that will never be
a truth for me

nobody can live
twice in just one time
Neither can give
Twice love in its prime
but can't prevent feeling to surrender to love
So I feel myself prisoner of sin
when I give to the earth my skin
and my soul to the wind

[Bridge II:]
but my love is keeping watch the night
But my heart cries the eternal fight


[Bridge I]

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