Diamond Rings A to Z Lyrics

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Once upon a time
I thought that I was gonna be beside myself forever
Chasing after my tail
And looking out for nothing but some guilty pleasure

Now I'm no innocent
But I know you've got something special beyond measure
Because all I can see is that you and I
Have two eyes too close together

And when the phone rings
My little heart springs
Tremble to the tremelo
And when the door bells
My little heart swells
Pumping out just for you

So drop the needle
Turn it up and give it up because we don't care whether...
The neighbors know
That we know every single word to "Kissing to Be Clever" (we're so clever!)
But on the level, baby, lying next to you is what I truly treasure

And I won't give you up for anything, no matter what, no, never ever
And when the phone rings, my little heart springs, tremble to the tremolo
And when the door bells, my little heart swells, pumping out just for you

I wanna be all you can see
I wanna be your A to Z
I want you to want you to want me
I wanna be your A to Z
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