On Thorns I Lay A Sparrow Dances Lyrics

Sounds of Beautiful Experience Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Voluptuous Simplicity of the Line
  • 2 All Is Silent
  • 3 A Sparrow Dances
  • 4 Cleopatra
  • 5 A Dreamer Can Touch the Sky
  • 6 Rainy Days
  • 7 Sunrise of a New Age
  • 8 One Thousand Times
  • 9 Ταξιδι Νοσταλγιας
  • as angels lisp the hymn of life,
    perfumes and screams of people,
    inundate this night.

    My God give me power
    to live again the scene
    where I'll kiss her
    and then so sweet I'll die.

    Oh... it's so simple to come here again,
    to come here again
    I could have my machine of time
    to come back again,
    to live for one more time,
    to be late the moment
    before the separation

    Oh... my crazy mind,
    invited from feeling of love and admiration...
    As I ascend the mountain
    which always I was fearing
    and I search for the unknown
    which always was challenging the dread

    It's a whole story of the summer
    and overflows me with fall of joy
    All days could be a summer
    like a magic night
    to the seashore with you
    and the favorable wind
    to reel your hair

    Birds transport cheerful message
    and follow us everywhere
    A sparrow dances, under the sun, a sparrow dances
    See them to be influenced from our romance
    and the melody of hapiness take away their solitude...

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