Punchline A Sore Back and a Broken Heart Lyrics

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So I waited till I was alone And I called you on the phone About to tell you that I love you so But you said you had to go Said you'd call me back at ten I guess I'll never be your new boyfriend Cause I waited up till two You never called me back, now that's a big fuck you I said I'm sorry I've been acting weird You just wanted to get me off the line I said that I get nervous cause you're a girl But I guess that you don't want to be mine So I camped out on my basement floor Didn't sleep in my bed so my back is sore Telephone right by my side Once said you liked me but I guess you lied Like you did when you said you'd call me back I was so tired but I couldn't hit the sack I guess you got more important things to do Than talk to a guy who is in love with you.

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