Mudvayne A New Game Lyrics

The New Game Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fish Out of Water
  • 2 Do What You Do
  • 3 A New Game
  • 4 Have it Your Way
  • 5 A Cinderella Story
  • 6 The Hate in Me
  • 7 Scarlet Letters
  • 8 Dull Boy
  • 9 Same Ol'
  • 10 Never Enough
  • 11 We the People
  • 12 King of Pain
  • 13 Happy? (Demo)
  • 14 Forget to Remember (Acoustic)
  • 15 Dig (Live)
  • 16 Not Falling (Demo)
  • 17 Fall Into Sleep (Demo)
  • 18 On the Move (Demo)
  • 19 World So Cold (Live)
  • 20 Goodbye (Demo)
  • 21 Death Blooms (Demo)
  • Hunger
    Inside me
    That's always rising
    To quench is to kill
    Your nothing but you know me
    Stand against your will
    To satisfy me
    Bit by victim
    Stealth is me

    Sature me
    Say all the right things
    Just come with me
    (Lets go for a ride)

    Trust me, don't leave me, don't be so deceiving, god help me
    betray me, the blood lust and beating
    Just wanna play
    Just wanna play

    A new game

    The hunter is in me
    The doe is searching
    Dash for the kill
    Take away
    Search for the patience
    Of 1000 men
    Peel my eyes
    Lock on target
    The covert man
    (You never had a chance)
    Don't be alarmed
    Want some candy?
    Just ride over here
    (Now Get Inside)


    A new

    I just wanna play
    (Just wanna play)
    I just wanna play a Game
    A new game

    [Repeat: x2]
    You meant everything to me
    (You know your time has come)
    Another broken dawn today
    (You know your time has come)

    [Repeat: x5]
    I just wanna play
    (I just wanna play)
    I just wanna play a Game
    (Just want to play a game)
    One that you've never played before
    (Never Before)
    One that you'll never play again
    I'm sure

    Written by: Chad L. Gray, Greg Tribbett, Matthew Mcdonough, Ryan Martinie
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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