Fear My Thoughts A New Enlightenment Must Come to Find Out What Matters Lyrics

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(they're all) looking for a savior in these uncertain times
blinded by the choices -paths leading nowhere at all
like millions of ants existing not living
we all need more sense in our lives
to use all the options for creating a better ideal
help me i can't find
a goal in these many choices
help me i can't see
my place in society
exploiting this blindness
new saviors arise everyday
to lead all these thoughtless
and control their minds
tickets for places in heaven
given by religious leaders
unable to stand alone
gathered to nameless masses
where's the need of choices
if we use them this way
we fought for our free will
don't give it away
let's go and light the dark
which spreads all around us
to get back what we belong:
the right to decide and control our life ourselves
to find out what matters
the only goal that we're looking for is freedom and autonomy
but we won't reach these great ideas if we trust a selfish leadership

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