Dead Moon A Miss of You Lyrics

Unknown Passage Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dead Moon Night
  • 2 My Escape
  • 3 A Miss of You
  • 4 54/40
  • 5 I'm Wise
  • 6 Evil Eye
  • 7 I Tried
  • 8 Time Has Come Today
  • 9 Demona
  • 10 On My Own
  • I thought I had been changed
    So when I found you were running around
    I too tried to play that game
    I know the way now
    This time it won't take long

    We used to run around two by two
    We tried to break our hearts
    And in the mornin' when the corners are jaded
    I too began to fall apart

    So if I seem unable to cope
    It's for a miss of you
    If what we were was only for once
    You were always worth the view

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