Webbie feat. Birdman & Rick Ross A Miracle Lyrics

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Rick Ross: Trilla
Bird-man: brrrr!

The 'lil soldier wit nothin' clear to see wasn't nobody handin' him ****
Ridin' round town glamor and glistenin'
Ya don't won't my position, I'm spittin facts
Couldn't relax, the whole time I had weight up on my back

Be black goin' back, I got pistols on deck
They gave cuz seven flat, how many *****s goin' rat
Check my tats, ya never heard of dis ya suppose to man
It had to fair, now I meet the family and them, it packed at Madison Square

I had career, I supposed to be right back there with them
I owed it to him, I know it I show it
Don't wanna blow it or pour it
For the streets, give me a beat i'm a roll it

Show it wit them, leavin' magic
But I knew I had it in savage
It got crucial I ain't panic, when yall want it, I ran it
I remember when my granny said anything was to happen

From slangin', hustlin', to trappin'
Laugin', prayin', jackin'
I'm blowin' on granddaddy and all my kids happy its a miracle

[Chorus: x 2]
It seem like I'm dreamin', ah somebody pinch me
Am I supposed be in the spot that I'm in, is dis really real
All these years, am I really here
Have I really live what they call a miracle

How u shoot clips, put it in the air
Mean mug them *****s and have no fear
Play the game wit them stripes, put it in his life
Ten on the mic, ***** do it the same night

It's a miracle, the way I bend them corners on them
Get up early on them, get dis money on them
A miracle, a lot I bought on, crib I paid on, thangs I got on
A miracle, fresh crush to diamond ice, place in one price, did it for one night
A miracle, I don't lived the high life

Shined in high lights, did it with gun fights
A miracle, ***** it was hell we came in
Money didn't come in, hell we went in
A miracle, no time lyin' homie
Time for crime homie, time for dyin' homie

[Chorus: x 2]

[Rick Ross]
It's truly a miracle, that boy still a live
'Cause I was sellin' bo in '95
Ridin' wit my boys dealin' dope gettin' high
Crackers tryin' to give me time, and we ain't talkin' 5

*****s talk fly so that pistol by my side
My baby mama ****in', all my homies on the sly
I see all through the corner of ***** eyes
So I keep my shades on, and my face up at the sky

Pistons get the power, snitchin' is for cowards
I got plasmas in the shower, and my *****es snortin' powder
I'm a g, my life a movie, I got rubber Uzi's in my jacuzzi
They think I'm biggie, I'm bumpin' juicy wit several groupies

I got beamers and business, ***** they all on deuces
I got the product, and when ya drop it, it never loses
The prey get prayed on, killers get prayed for
It dis a dream, I pray I never wake up

[Chorus: x 2]

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