Berlin A Matter of Time Lyrics

Information Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Mind Control
  • 2 Modern World
  • 3 Overload
  • 4 City Lights
  • 5 Information
  • 6 Talk Talk Video
  • 7 Fascination
  • 8 A Matter of Time
  • 9 Middle Class Suicide
  • 10 Uncle Sam
  • So quickly time will come and time will go
    It runs on by
    It steals your hopes and dreams and one last chance
    You never know

    I can see it now
    I can feel its scolding hand
    Saying come on now you've got to run

    You wonder can you stop the hands of time
    Erase your fate
    He's laughing, knowing that he's got control
    Just watch and wait

    I can see it now
    I can hear the whispered voice
    Telling me now you've got no time to waste

    It's a matter of time
    It's just a matter of time

    And you've got to see
    You have the answer, you have the strength
    There's no denying it's in your hands
    It's in your hands

    It's a matter of time..

    Living breathing touching feeling
    Hoping dreaming still deceiving
    Searching finding losing crying
    Know the truth you're dying
    Oh you're dying

    It's a matter of time..

    Remember who you are and what you have
    The time is yours
    Your flame is burning down so guard it well
    It may go out

    I can see it now
    I can see the end of time
    Holding the answers to all your fears

    It's a matter of time...

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