Stephen Lynch A History Lesson Lyrics

Ben Franklin went out one night,
Tied a key to the end of a kite,
Electricity struck so bright,
Write it down mother fuckas.

Isaac newton sat under a tree,
An apple hit him in the head
So said so holy shit thats gravity,
Write it down mother fuckas.

Pilgrims raced against the clock,
Lookin for a place to dock,
They said fuck it heres plymouth rock,
Write it down mother fuckas.

A dude named orville wright,
Told his brother said lets invent flight,
Wilbur said aight,
Right it down mother fuckas.

Abe lincoln led the nation,
Freed slaves from the plantation,
Thats mother fuckin proclamation,
Write it down [some weird word].

Ghandi is what you said,
An indian with a bald head,
And he was a little bit under fed,
Write it down mother fuckas

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