Cece Winans A Heart Like Yours Lyrics

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I try to reach out for you but i fall.
Some times you seem so close and yet so far.
Lord i need another chance, i need to know your mercy, please give me the strength to change within.
Verse 2:
I know that i'm not all that i can be.
My weakness seems to get the best of me.
But as long as you are here, i know that i will make it every step along the way please hear my prayer.
a heart like yours is my desire a heart like yours is what i'm searching for, full of compassion nothing wrong within. Please hear me lord give me a heart like yours.
so much grace, so much kindness, so much faith, forever true, strong as the wind soft as the shadows. If just once i could be like you.
Repeat chorus (x2)
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